HI all,

Charles and I drove to Lubbock Sat and struck the show Sunday. Getting back late last night after a very long weekend. The work is resting at Stefani Spears house and is targeted for the Bihl Haus fundraiser in October.– Aloha Ya’ll.

LHUCA’s Curator Linda Cullum and her assistant, Maise , said they were impressed with the work quality and visions and that the community really enjoyed seeing  our presentation with numerous revisits. However nothing sold.

I was shocked. They were shocked.I must add that I am very disheartened by the lack of sales  -not even a small one- for such a beautiful work- works so reasonably priced.

Another artist– a tex -chicano man sold three.. they were in my humble opinion horribly crafted, poorly and garishly painted with clumsy awkward figures – these sold in the thousands.

And I am left wondering what is wrong with peoples eyes and taste and collecting knowledge

we sold only 6 catalogs- five at the opening and one posthumously.

Perhaps we will have a better response during the McNay event and Bihl Haus–

lets do the rain dance!


Did You Know GAGA is on Facebook?

Just wanted to let everyone know that GAGA is on Facebook. If you are on Facebook, go to Gentileschi Aegis Gallery Association and Like us. Also, share with your friends. This is a great way for all of our members on Facebook to share our accomplishments with each other and promote GAGA! I think I have it set up that all posts to the Blog will also show up on our GAGA Facebook page. Thanks! Anne

What Has Nancy Wood Been Up To?

In April, Nancy Wood attended the National Art Education Association convention in San Diego and gave a presentation on her doctoral research into the relationships of media and critical thinking in an online tutorial to teach college students to write an art critique.

Nancy is also thinking about going to the Texas Contemporary Art Fair in Houston Sept 5-7. If anyone else is interested, please contact Nancy (nancy-wood@sbcglobal.net) and maybe you can go together. For more info on the fair, go to their website http://txcontemporary.com/

What is Maripat Munley Up To?

Maripat Munley is a GAGA member, and an Art Therapist. The American Art Therapy Association is holding its annual Conference here in San Antonio – about 800 members will attend. She is on the Local Arrangement Committee and is presenting a Paper entitled “Serving Time – Visual Spiritual Journaling the Inner Witness.”  Here is a brief description of her 1 hour presentation which will appear in the Conference Catalogue.

Serving Time – Visual Spiritual Journaling The Inner Witness
Describes grid approach to write program proposal and outlines a process to establish a spiritual, art-based program within a forensic setting. Short and long-term program goals, art directives, evaluation and ethical issues will be discussed. Inmate’s art and poetry illustrate appropriate art materials for the setting.

Congratulations Maripat. We are very proud of you!!

GAGA member support

Dear members-

I have received about 5 emails from Gaga members regarding McNay event participation and your commitment to encourage a friend who will help support this cause..  Please make an effort– One friend or two… Tell them how important  this is to us and how reasonable the art work is at $300.. Get them to purchase a ticket and attend. Encourage them to  browse the rainbow corpse..remind them that $100 of their purchase will go to GAGA. Tell them how important and desperately needed their support is to our organization’s continued operation. Make them feel like they are part of us.

Please make an effort to contact me regarding your effort and commitment to this..it is really  important that I hear back from you.

We really need to sell the work from this event that GAGA is using to help restore its coffers-I just received the bill from Bandera Art services for the dismantling of the SSA show– a whopping $480 and Lubbock -Lhuca’s work retrieval is coming in at $400 for the Uhall and $400 for gas..maybe more when all is said and done- that  does not include  our trip to Lubbock to get the truck- or  our time or food or gas getting there

That dear members is another $1500– $1750 out of our already  steadily decreasing coffers- Please make an effort to sell those extra catalogs- and to encourage your professional friends  to purchase a McNay ticket.

here is that link again http://mcnayart.ticketleap.com/art-to-the-power-of-ten/


Catalog Correction- Pick up catalogs at Stefani’s or Thelma’s

For those of you who were unable to make the catalog party the catalogs are available for Pick up at Stefani Spears  or Thelma Muraida’s home.. you just have to call and make and appointment. I will also have them at the Sept GAGA meeting


Stefani Job Spears 

227 Sequoia Hollywood park  78232.

phone:210 545-2772


Thelma Muraida

407 west hollywood 78212

210 363 3293