First Lutheran Church

130 West Holland Street, San Marcos, Texas 78666 Rev. Tim Bauerkemper, Pastor

Call For Entries: First Lutheran Lent Art Exhibit “River of Life”

What: A juried exhibition of 2D works.
When: Exhibition opens Feb. 28, 2017 and closes on Easter Sunday, April 16. Where: First Lutheran Church, 130 W. Holland Street, San Marcos, TX

First Lutheran Church of San Marcos (FLC) is accepting entries for an art exhibit to be displayed during the season of Lent 2017. Selected pieces will be incorporated into our Wednesday evening Lenten worship series “River of Life.” During the series, we will read, explore, and study Scriptural references to water. Because we believe that art inherently reflects God’s presence in creation, submissions need not have a specific scriptural reference or be traditionally ‘religious.’ We seek water-inspired imagery to explore the spiritual themes connected to rivers, streams, oceans, and other waters.

ENTRY RULES: Open to all Texas artists; 2D works, ready to hang, and weighing no more than 15 lbs. All works, including non-denominational and non-sectarian, that address the exhibition theme of “River of Life” will be considered. Submissions will be juried to accommodate the space available as well as suitability for the setting and theme. All entry forms and digital images must be received by February 13, 2017 to be considered. Artists will be notified by February 20th of the Jurors’ selections. All works selected for the exhibition are to be hand- delivered on Monday, Feb. 27 between 10 am and 5 pm, or by arrangement with the church office. Works exhibited must be collected on Tuesday April 18, 2017, or by arrangement with the church office. We will not accept shipped works. FLC reserves the right to publish digital images of exhibited works in FLC documents, websites, and social media through December 31, 2017. Insurance will not be provided on work exhibited. Every reasonable precaution will be taken in the handling, exhibition, and security of the works. Artists may want to obtain their own insurance coverage.

Submission Process: Online submission of the entry form at is preferred. Digital images for jurying must be emailed to An artist statement (emailed with the digital image) is welcomed and encouraged, but not required.

Show Dates: The exhibit will open with a pancake supper and jazz ensemble performance on Mardi Gras / Shrove Tuesday, Feb. 28th. The exhibit will be available during normal church office operating hours, as well as on Sundays, through Easter Sunday, April 16th.

Sales: Any inquiries regarding sales will be referred directly to the artist. Prices will not be displayed with the piece; Instead, a single sign will be posted in the exhibit area announcing the availability of artist contact information for sales inquiry. FLC will not take any commissions and will not be party to sales in any way. We only ask that all art remain in the exhibit for the duration of the show.

Questions: Contact Pastor Tim Bauerkemper at 512-392-2064 or

Phone-512-392-2064 Fax-512-392-2207

As we approach the New Year

 Dear GAGAs

2016 was a fabulous year. We worked extremely hard and the fruits of our labors paid off!

• We produced a fabulous catalog/ artist book — Honoring Women— designed by Thelma Muraida

• We showed at the Guadalupe Cultural Center.

• We showed at the Carver Community Cultural Center

• Honoring Women was accepted for exhibition at the Fort Worth Community Center 2017

• Barb Felix continued to mount another fabulous exhibition at The Bijou.

• Susan Michael found a new exhibition space for GAGA

• Lupe Marmolejo continued to wow us with the website

• The Member contact sheet was uploaded

• The exhibition contract was uploaded for your convenience

• GAGA’s board was increased

• GAGA’s membership continues to grow

• Many members exhibited in prime venues: San Antonio Art League, Centro De Arte,  Luminaria etc.


But as you all are familiar, when GAGA has a huge year the following year suffers in terms of exhibition opportunities—we are so busy with existing commitments that there is no time to actively pursue exhibition opportunities for the upcoming year. This pattern is holding true.

I would also like to take this time to update you on the two planned HW exhibitions scheduled for this spring. Due to change in the political regime the Roundrock Courthouse is currently not exhibiting artwork. Because of this and other issues, AI Austin has also been canceled. The amount of work necessary to bring HW to fruition was both labor and cost intensive—not effective. However, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve and will keep you informed when I find another venue for HW as well as other potential all member or thematic shows I am now presently investigating.

There will be a GAGA meeting sometime end of January / first week February. (I am waiting  on confirmation from SSA.) In the meantime, I encourage you to take a look at Barb Felix and Chelle Delaney’s call for the Bijou exhibition. They do a fabulous job, and work sells because of it.




More info on Honoring Women

Seasons greetings all—

There has been some confusion regarding the upcoming exhibitions.

I am not asking for new work from those of you who have your pieces available. I was only extending an offer to those who sold and new members who did not participate in the original exhibition to remake or contribute!

Also, there is a sticky wicket with Art Institute Austin. I just received their contract and it is unacceptable at the moment. I usually stay clear of a problematic locus and Ai Austin is one of those. They presented too many demands and not ones that were artist friendly. I was shocked believe you me as Art Institute San Antonio was so very good to us. To date I do not believe we will be participating- showing our beautiful show there.

As it stands we still have RoundRock Court House and a firm agreement from The Fort Worth Community— something I am very interested in for you. A brand new audience— a sophisticated audience and a beautiful space.

I will keep you all posted regarding the RoundRock exhibition which is scheduled for later in the spring.

In the meantime those of you newbies and those of you who sold who wish to create new work for HW  the good news is you have more time!

Happy Holidays!





Seasons Greetings GAGA members

as you know Honoring Women ( the exhibition is traveling 2017) Feb it goes to AI Austin.

I know some of you sold your work out of the Guadalupe exhibition and some of you are new members who did not create a work specifically for this.

Here’s your chance- If you would like to participate you will need to purchase ( no exceptions on this) an Ampersand cradled panel 12 x 36 x 2– tape the edges so they remain clean. Send me the name of the woman you plan on interpreting.

Work will need to be finalized by FEB 1.


Looking forward to hearing from you.

Happy Holidays