Art scam alert from Nancy Wood

Hi Sylvia,
Please alert Gaga members –
I received an email inquiry about my artworks. I usually ignore these- but this one was very well written and asked about two specific works on my website. So I responded with the price info. The woman wrote a few more times with questions- things a real collector would ask – then she sent her mailing address and said her husband would send a check.
Today the mailman delivered a Priority mail envelope with a very authentic looking check from a business account. But the check was for three times the agreed upon sales price! I decided to return the check and scanned it for my records. The scan seemed light so I used the scanner tools to darken it a little- and get this- the word VOID was embedded across the face of the check and on the back! There were some light streaks across the check  – I think someone had bleached out the word VOID. I just received an email from the woman asking me to “go ahead and deposit the check” then send her the difference. Hah- Hah! I’m waiting to hear back from the postmaster inspector. Fortunately I kept everything. I think this is mail fraud and maybe identity theft if the check is counterfeit.
Nancy Wood

Job Opportunity / Gallery Coordinator for Musical Bridges


Gallery Coordinator


Location: San Antonio, Texas

Industry: Performing Arts/Nonprofit/Charitable

Status: Part time, commission-based only

Function: Gallery / Coordinating

Reports to: CEO

Working hours: Flexible


Organization Description and Mission:


Musical Bridges Around the World (MBAW) is a cultural and educational nonprofit organization that is dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind, multicultural performances by the finest, world-class jazz, classical, and ethnic folk musicians and performing artists, in order to inspire, develop and educate new audiences. MBAW’s programs serve the public and at-risk youth, while fostering San Antonio’s reputation as a cosmopolitan cultural center and promoting tourism and development. MBAW also establishes and partakes in collaborations amongst arts organizations.

Position Summary:


The Gallery Coordinator reports directly to the CEO and plays a critical role in the success of Musical Bridges Around the World’s art gallery.  The Gallery Coordinator is responsible for a variety of activities including but not limited to coordinating gallery events & meetings, marketing, artist relations, contracts, social media, press promotions, listings upkeep, creating relationships with potential art buyers (neighborhood associations, interior designers, architects, etc), maintaining gallery database, and selling art.  This position begins on commission only with a percentage agreed upon at time of employment.  Future opportunities of part or full time may become available.


Key Responsibilities:


    1. Establish gallery hours of operation
    2. Create marketing plan for each opening
    3. Must have established list or create relationships with potential art buyers, communities, landscaping companies, architects and interior designers
    4. Represent MBAW by becoming a member/guest of neighborhood associations in nearby subdivisions
    5. Maintain gallery inventory & database
    6. Must successfully sell art
    7. Advise the Board of Directors, CEO and staff on gallery
    8. Responsible for daily gallery operations; including walk-ins, appointments, etc.
    9. Research and develop programming for target audiences
    10. Develop relationship with community partners
    11. Obtain and/or create marketing materials and art prices to send to printers
    12. Execute gallery openings
    13. Key holder for gallery
    14. Meet with prospective buyers during on and off hours




  • Bachelors degree in related discipline.
  • At least 2 years of professional experience in a gallery.
  • Must be easy going and very friendly.
  • Must welcome advice & direction.
  • Must be responsible.
  • Highly collaborative style and strong interpersonal, relationship building, and public speaking skills.
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities and flexibility to work outside regular business hours to meet goals and objectives.
  • Self-starter with ability to work independently, while also establishing and fostering working relationships and team building.
  • Experience with Photoshop
  • Strong writing skills & social media experience
  • Bilingual Spanish a plus
  • Experience working with Photography


Code of Ethics


It is critical that you subscribe to and comply with our ethical standards, which include the following:


  • Be loyal to the organization.
  • Do not discuss MBAW internal affairs with anyone.
  • Manage your own internet public profile to avoid anything that reflects poorly on MBAW.
  • Always dress appropriately for a world-class performing arts organization.
  • Avoid any and all conflicts of interest.
  • Do not use MBAW contacts for the benefit of you personally or for the benefit of other arts organizations.