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Hello Sylvia!

I’ve become friends with a woman named Gina who runs a farm out in Seguin Texas. In two weeks, she and her family are taking off to Louisiana to pick up about 40 people, the most that they can handle, and bring them back to her farm in Texas to live until these families have homes to live in again. She is looking for anyone who has connections in supplies like Mattresses, or Transport Vans / Rental Car services or things of that nature, to help out. She has no idea how she is going to pull this off but she feels like she needs to.

Artistically … she had a potter on her farm that taught classes and is also looking for someone who wants to immerse themselves into the experience of teaching pottery but with a spiritual edge, metaphorical edge with the passion that potters seem to have.

I’m going over my brain to think of any ways to get her call out, and sadly I don’t know many people in Texas. Still.

Elle Bee Lisa Brown!

Kari Roberts Sackmann is in Exposed


OPENING RECEPTION // Friday, August 5 // 5:00 – 8:00 pm

This exhibition focuses on the nude, one of the most recognizable subject matter in the history of art, and something that can express great beauty and emotion, but at the same time be highly controversial. The artists selected for this exhibition, have created artwork that both reflects a true representation of the human form, as well as idealizing it for what it can be. Whether it be the hand-sewn human hair drawings by Rosemary Meza-DesPlas, that alone are so unique in their medium, but when paired with the subject matter a new symbolic connection is formed, or the graphite drawings by Mischa Tranquilli, which are created in a very traditional and realistic technique, each of the pieces on display explores the nude form in an interesting and advanced way. EXPOSED brings together the skill and dedication of traditional forms, contemporary ideas, and work that breaks barriers and takes things to the next level. This exhibition includes pieces that feature imagery of the nude, semi nude, and implied nude forms. Artwork created in the mediums of acrylic and oil paintings, watercolor, mixed media, graphite/charcoal drawings, hand-sewn human hair, collage, and photography will be on display.

Participating Artists: Carley McHenry, Charlesey McCallister, Erin Sandsmark, Jessica Damsky, Julia Hamel, Martin Nelson, Kari Roberts, Marit Block, Michael Bach, Mischa Tranquilli, Nicola DeMarsico, Rosemary Meza-DesPlas, Mitchell Cory Nelson, Sunday Grogan Trott, Susan Hensel, and Yijia Li.

This exhibition runs from August 5 – August 27. The gallery hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 12:30 – 5:00 pm, or by appointment.

Image: Rosemary Meza-DesPlas, “But…Fischl” (Detail), Watercolor On Canvas, 22″x17″, 2010.

Mahalah Rood announces new website etc.


On July 21, 2016 I launched my studio website. Check it out! It is a great opportunity to see my current work and work from my glass design days! Also there is a link to my studio page on Facebook where there is a collection of posts about other artists, inspirations and art business. If you are on Facebook please visit, LIKE and enjoy a journey through the creative spirit. In August I will be expanding my studio presence to Instagram and have purchase options on some of my pieces.

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