SAC Show

Greetings everyone-

I have some distressing news. Seven members were rejected from the

“all member exhibition” at SAC.  A difference of opinion? Semantics? What does it mean to be a curator? does it mean placement or editing work that one feels is not quite up to snuff.  However this was billed as an organization’s show- showing the breath and talent of all– not an individual or group show.And the work that was edited was up to snuff- perhaps the images were just a little fuzzy.


To me an all member exhibition is an all member exhibition. Placement or distribution of work for this exhibition is the curator’s job.

I have canceled the exhibition.


Final Acts Project Art Exhibit Update

Dear GAGA Artists,

To date we have 7 confirmed artists to participate in the Final Acts Project Art Exhibit. GAGA is the only art organization that has been asked to participate. It is not too late to participate. Here are a few things to remember:

Location: Dell Children’s Medical Center, 4900 Mueller Boulevard, Austin, TX

Date: May 15 (only one day)

Details:  Thursday, April 30 – send in the following information about your artwork for the brochure that will be distributed at the event.

  1. Number of pieces
  2. Title of each piece
  3. Medium
  4. Dimensions (w”x h”)
  5. Price
  6. Short statement about the work
  7. Contact information: website and email address
  • All sales are between you and the buyer. There is no sales commission. If you are unable to attend, we will accept a check only. If you do attend, please bring your own Square if you want to accept credit cards.
  • Most of the tables will be set up against a wall. However if you prefer to use an easel, please provide one. Here are a few links for portable easels from Jerry’s- Art-a-Rama.

SoHo Aluminum Table Studio Easel – Sale: $11.59

 Overby Pocket Easel – Sale $10.99

The contract will be coming soon for you to fill out and bring with you. If you have any questions, give us a call – Thelma (210-363-3293), Barbara (210-421-8736)


Some Great News

Hi all–

GAGA is working on two show for 2016-

one- Art Institute Austin- thanks Jennifer Polnaszek

two- St Philips college– thanks Terry Gay Puckett

I believe both will be thematic exhibitions– I will get back to you after meetings next week.So put that in your beanie to think about-

Hugs to all