GAGA Call for Artists – The Final Acts Project

A Call for Artwork – To All GAGA Members

The Final Acts Project is a community-based health education initiative that serves as a catalyst to stimulate end-of-life discussions, planning, and legacy-building through the theater, creative arts and the humanities.  For more information, visit their website at:

The art should be an interpretation of the MISSION STATEMENT for the Final Acts Project.

This event is an invitation to our group only with the possibility of future partnership events in San Antonio and throughout Texas.

Event: A musical performance will be held in the auditorium followed by a reception, keynote address and discussion in the outside lobby. Artists are encouraged to attend to speak of their work. We will be putting a brochure together, similar to the one we created for the Bijou exhibition. For this brochure, we would like a brief paragraph describing the artwork, along with your contact info. Please send your text to Thelma Muraida at, no later than April 30th.

Where:  Dell Children’s Hospital Auditorium & Lobby,  Austin, TX

When:  Friday, May 15, 6:30 – 8:30 PM

Invited guests will be doctors, nurses, UT professionals, stakeholders and other medical based professionals.

Details:  Artwork for this event will be displayed on standard 4×8 tables (or easels if the artist provides them) during the event. So artwork cannot exceed 24×36. If you prefer an easel (table or free-standing), please provide one and label it with your name.

Art Sales are between the artist and the buyer. Sales will be by check made out to the artist. The Final Acts organization is a Non-profit, so they will not take a commission, although donations are accepted and greatly appreciated.

Please let Barbara Felix (210-421-8736) or Thelma Muraida (210-363-3293) know as soon as possible if you will be participating, and how many pieces you will be bringing so we can tell our contact for the event how many tables we will need for artwork. If we can get titles, medium and prices by April 30th, we will make place cards with this info to go on the tables with your work.

 Important Dates:

April 15: Commitment – Provide name, title, media, size, sale cost. No commission will be collected. Please indicate if you will be attending.

April 30: Description of artwork for exhibit brochure.

May 15: Artists are encouraged to attend. Art must be delivered to Dell Children’s Hospital by 3 PM.

For additional questions concerning the event, contact Barbara (210-421-8736) or Thelma (210-363-3293).

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