SAC Show

Greetings everyone-

I have some distressing news. Seven members were rejected from the

“all member exhibition” at SAC.  A difference of opinion? Semantics? What does it mean to be a curator? does it mean placement or editing work that one feels is not quite up to snuff.  However this was billed as an organization’s show- showing the breath and talent of all– not an individual or group show.And the work that was edited was up to snuff- perhaps the images were just a little fuzzy.


To me an all member exhibition is an all member exhibition. Placement or distribution of work for this exhibition is the curator’s job.

I have canceled the exhibition.


One thought on “SAC Show

  1. Hi Sylvia –   I don’t remember if I have told you but both of my exams are over and some of the craziness of my life as subsided.  I don’t recall if I sent an image or not but I bet that mine was one of the images that was rejected.  Now that I have some free time, I am trying to get my direction.  Figures vs abstracts, oils vs pastels vs printmaking, political statements vs realism…. I am too scattered and undefined at present but hope to narrow my scope.  I would like find my direction but I know that it will take time with my crazy schedule.  I am currently doing pastels with Rainey since my daughter is taking a class with her and I live too far away to drop her off.  I have enjoyed both Rainey and spending time doing art with my daughter.  I love figures… probably because of what I do during my day job.  Somehow I would like to incorporate my oil painting water scenes with figures and make the figures represent body changes with age and pregnancy.  I just finished my lithography course and even though my drawing didn’t work… I have a start. I just wanted to drop a line to say hi and let you know that I don’t care if my piece was rejected.  I am still evolving.  I have this fund of knowlege in medicine and need to find a way to say it in art.

    All my best -Elizabeth

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