The Dougherty Arts Center proposal– just came in.

Dear GAGA’s

So much to tell you- We will have a GAGA meeting middle of June. After I get  back from Lubbock ( I have a show)

I just got wind of a potential exhibition space for GAGA at the Dougherty Arts Center, from Jennifer Polnaszek but the deadline is July 1—a very short time to pull something together- So I need you all to work fast. The Gallery has only 170 running feet of space — so it’s another concept show– Please forgive me.

If you wish to participate I must have by June 10th     

 Please email me immediately if you wish to participate. Label your images Doe_Mary: title.jpg.     Images need to be professional– no peripheral stuff– not blurry

Proposal: Primary Link: From Caboose to Engine— A Linear Installment   -Works by Artists from the Gentileschi Aegis Gallery Association

Concept:Each artist will work on a 24 x 24 x 2 cradled panel using only the primary colors of red, blue and yellow black and white. Artists will be encouraged to continue to work in the style that is familiar to them. (Blending to make other colors is acceptable, expected and encouraged. For uniformity the same paint body will be used.)

Works will be installed tightly together like a train by our professional installer Kenny Warren/ Bandera Arts Service

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