Art scam alert from Nancy Wood

Hi Sylvia,
Please alert Gaga members –
I received an email inquiry about my artworks. I usually ignore these- but this one was very well written and asked about two specific works on my website. So I responded with the price info. The woman wrote a few more times with questions- things a real collector would ask – then she sent her mailing address and said her husband would send a check.
Today the mailman delivered a Priority mail envelope with a very authentic looking check from a business account. But the check was for three times the agreed upon sales price! I decided to return the check and scanned it for my records. The scan seemed light so I used the scanner tools to darken it a little- and get this- the word VOID was embedded across the face of the check and on the back! There were some light streaks across the check  – I think someone had bleached out the word VOID. I just received an email from the woman asking me to “go ahead and deposit the check” then send her the difference. Hah- Hah! I’m waiting to hear back from the postmaster inspector. Fortunately I kept everything. I think this is mail fraud and maybe identity theft if the check is counterfeit.
Nancy Wood

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