July 14th GAGA meeting’s minutes

Minutes of the GAGA Meeting                                       SW School of Art … Sun July 12


19 Members Attended:

Terry Gay Puckett, Bev Blair, Ligia Bedenkop, Carolina Flores, Carole Greer, Stefani Spears, Roberta Buckles, Lesta Frank, Virginia Lukefahr, Sallie Stanley Carter, Beatriz Fidele, Thelma Muraida, Bibi Saidi, Barbara Felix, Lupe Marmolejo, Laura Schultz, Sharyn Dacbert, Trina Mattox, Sylvia Benitez


The meeting came to order at 2:10 PM. Sylvia Benitez introduced several new members and new board member Sharon Dacbert.


Sylvia Benitez announced several shows that may be in the future for GAGA members:

  1. Art Institute in Austin; date: TBA

ACTION: email 1-2 images of figurative art to Sylvia;

none of the art pieces should exceed 2’ x 3’ framed.

  1. Dougherty Center in Austin; proposal under review
  2. Carter Center in SA; application under review
  3. Philips; Spring 2016, during Women’s History Month;

the space is beautiful but not large, so uniformity in size is important;

will use a cradled panel, purchased in bulk for uniformity.

Theme: important (to you or history) woman

ACTION: email Sylvia the name of your chosen woman (give 1-2-3 preferences)

Other possible venues to be explored:

  1. Sunset Station gallery space in SA
  2. NE Lakewood College
  3. Rockport community gallery – new staff there
  4. MBAW – Musical Bridges around the World – gallery (near Dominion) – opportunity for holiday show, perhaps using ‘Exquisite Corpse’


GAGA website

  • Thanks to Lupe for all the work she is putting into the new website:
  • ORG ……password gaganation
  • Lupe is encouraging members to go to their section & check it out.
  • Communications for members will continue to go via WORDPRESS, till the billing is clarified.


Congratulations to:

  • Lupe – show at An Arte – opening 7/15
  • Sylvia – summer show at Hunt Gallery ongoing
  • Roberta B – will have a show there in November
  • Stefani had a gorgeous show in Lubbock
  • Sylvia, Lesta, Bibi participated in a show at MBAW gallery in late June.



  • Jerry’s Artarama gives 10% discount to GAGA members.
  • Mary Michael Stump is new curator at SW School
  • Sylvia is considering to offer a workshop on writing a proposal,

approaching a gallery, documenting your art.


Submitted for the record,                               bibi saidi

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