GAGA calls for exhibition explained

Dear Artists

I would like to take this opportunity to clear up some confusion that has recently come to my attention regarding GAGA calls for exhibition.


  • All Member Exhibitions

  • Are all member.
  • Please, wait for instructions: deadlines, size, media, theme, etc.
  • When a call is closed. It is closed.
  • Remember sometimes these opportunities fall through/ don’t happen
  • Curated GAGA Exhibitions

  1. Exhibitions that require a proposal /juried by outside committees
  • I send out a request for submission
  • I curate from the work received
  • I create the proposal
  • You will be notified only if work is accepted
  • Please do not email me regarding status of your submission
  • Do not assume just because you have sent images your work is included
  • Do not purchase materials specific to the call unless you are asked to
  • Deadline for submission means DEADLINE.
  • Announcement will be posted in timely fashion of the proposal’s included artists
  • Status of these exhibitions provided at meetings and newsletter updates
  1. Small group exhibitions GAGA is invited to
  • Are usually specific to medium
  • Are usually thematic
  • Are often from an outside curator with specific agenda
  • Are usually specific to some artists
  • Are usually not opportunities for new work directions
  • Opportunity Postings

  1. Are art work calls from other organizations
  2. Have nothing to do with GAGA
  3. Opportunity postings  are suggestion only for your work’s advancement/exposure
  4. GAGA does not assume responsibility for your decision to submit work to these artwork calls.







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