List of what we have received to date

Hi all

We are getting closer to the finish line– those who have asked for extensions have received!

Here is the list of what we have to date– we are still missing 26 images and I believe 14 artist’s words

I will be nagging you. SO…. be on the lookout for my encouraging words!

Here’s the list of what we have now.  Please send that almost finished image when you can along with your words. Thelma has started the layout for the artist book  and I have begun the layout. Would be considerable help!!  as I play with every possible configuration to make the piece sing– meaning hours.



Blue means images and words have come in:

regular text words only


  1. bonnie kirkley: aphrodite: timeless, alluring, resplendent, enticing, lovely
  2. sylvia benitez; angela davis: activist, scholar, defiant, counterculture, courageous
  3. susan michael: françoise gilot: raconteuse, lioness, colourist, painter, mother
  4. bibi saidi: hypatia of alexander mathematician, philosopher, teacher, pagan, martyr?
  5. carla veliz : anne frank: innocent, transparent, optimistic, curious,precocious
  6. carole greer: coco chanel: “i don’t make fashion, i am fashion”.
  7. loretta young medellin: medusa: powerful, misunderstood, rage, beauty, chimera
  8. beatrice fedele: virginia woolf: experimental, feminist, sadness, doubt , language.
  9. sharyn dacbert: maria woodworth etter: inspired dedicated empowered conscientious chosen
  10. mary morton: edna st.vincent millay, poet modernist sexuality radical antiwar freedom women
  11. terry gay puckett: artemisia bowden – leader, educator, founder, holy, saint
  12. jennifer polnaszek: faith ringgold: creative, sensitive, colorful, artist, social activist
  13. barbara felix: frida kahlo: wounded, passionate, devoted, ritualistic, revolutionary
  14. leslie willliams: mary magdaline sensual, repentant, loyal, kind, beautiful. 
  15. roberta buckles: mother: immigrating grandparents changed my future.
  16. carol koutik: mary: hail mary full of grace
  17. ella fitzgerald: “the only thing better than singing is more singing!”
  18. sallie stanley carter: the flapper: unconventional flirtatious impetuous frivolous fashionable
  19. priscilla ferguson: kathe kollwitz: graphic dark emotional deep life
  20. carolina flores: courageous leader red llena de vida (full of life) viva (intelligent) la adelita
  21. virginia lukefahr: georgia okeefe: confident, visionary, role model, western, enduring
  22. sally astleford: elda may roberts: creative, tenacious, courageous, spirited, innovative
  23. guadalupe marmolejo: hilary clinton: resilient, intelligent, blonde, clandestine, strategic
  24. elizabeth payne: margaret fuller: acute, brilliant, flagrant, outspoken, radical
  25. lisa brown: teena brandon: obsessiondesireshamebraveendearing
  26. ligia bedenkop florence nightinggale courage, compassion commitment devotion angel
  27. elizabeth harris: elizabeth blackwell. courageous, dedicated, strong, inspirational, pioneer, intellectual
  28. marylin sherer queen esther:  courageous, beautiful, brave, fearless, savior
  29. laura shultz brynhildr: strong lovely deceived enraged unforgiving
  30. marika bordes: daphnee: magic majesty transformation sublime timeless
  31. lesta: kuan yin: compassion: mysical: angelic: oceanic: nurturing
  32. sandy freeman: dian fossey murder, machete, humanity, greed, cruelty
  33. Lyne Belise: Artemis: autonomous, luminous, fearless, compassionate, complete


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