I have good news

Regarding the North Hills Gallery in May  at the Methodist church in Austin that Betty Jameson so graciously awarded GAGA– I went Sunday and saw the gallery!

The title of the exhibition is The Spiritual Landscape— meaning as you interpret the title– Abstracts would work very well here-

the gallery is gorgeous with sea breeze green walls ( you might all want to take that into consideration) the space is large enough to accommodate 50 pieces so long as they are short on the width, meaning not wide–

work is limited to 30″ x 40″ ..narrow width is better and will help with other artists’ work that is larger. Also, there are several odd-shaped walls that can accommodate a long narrow piece… I want to let you all know  all who wanted to participate are welcome!

I will go and measure the walls so we have a better idea of size constraints!!

Your drawings must be framed– paintings edges must be clean and all must be wired.

Please do not send me images yet– I have to get through Honoring Women first–

Just wanted to let those know who graciously bowed out to accommodate others are now included!


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