Dear artists

So many have been telling me they have collectors wanting to purchase their piece. This is wonderful news, and has also given me reason to pause and think– as I want to travel the show. SO, as I do not want any of you to lose sales, there are a couple of points I need to stress.

  1. Work must remained installed for the duration of the exhibition
  2.  Should you sell your work ( and I hope you do!) and I am able to find another venue to continue this piece.. you will be required to do a second work, and in the same vein, unless I am able to convince the new venue the piece is protean.
  3. If your work sells during the exhibition 25% goes to the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center. Please keep this in mind when pricing.
  4.  If your work is already spoken for please let me know. If this is the case, # 3 does not apply to you.
  5. GAGA will neither take a commission nor ask for a tithe to compensate for the GCAC’s commission.
  6. The exhibition probably will be extended to May 20th

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