from lisa brown

Hello Sylvia!

I’ve become friends with a woman named Gina who runs a farm out in Seguin Texas. In two weeks, she and her family are taking off to Louisiana to pick up about 40 people, the most that they can handle, and bring them back to her farm in Texas to live until these families have homes to live in again. She is looking for anyone who has connections in supplies like Mattresses, or Transport Vans / Rental Car services or things of that nature, to help out. She has no idea how she is going to pull this off but she feels like she needs to.

Artistically … she had a potter on her farm that taught classes and is also looking for someone who wants to immerse themselves into the experience of teaching pottery but with a spiritual edge, metaphorical edge with the passion that potters seem to have.

I’m going over my brain to think of any ways to get her call out, and sadly I don’t know many people in Texas. Still.

Elle Bee Lisa Brown!

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