received 20 of 60 members contact info yesterday

Thanks to all of you who responded so quickly.

Bedenkop, Ligia
Belisle, Lyn
Burtt, Anne
Draper, Linda
Felix, Barbara
Ferguson, Priscilla
Flores, Carolina
Freeman, Sandy
Gonzalez, Sonya
Lukefahr, Virginia
Marmolejo, M.Guadalupe
Morawietz, Maggie
Moriarty, Marla, J
Peveto, Lucy
Puckett, Terry Gay
Runner, Mary
Stamper Meyer, Lisa
Stanley Carter, Sallie
Wilson, Jill
Young Medellin, Loretta

It is most appreciated!

The GAGA address book/ Rolodex– is a third of the way built.

The address book is up and running Let’s get it completed!!

Please, those of you who have not responded please send the following asap. You know the deal. respond to this email.



preferred phone #



preferred medium


The exhibition release forms are also posted on the new website- gaga take a moment and see if you can download them

We are trying to make the website more interactive. On the member access page are buttons that allow you to contact us with information that you feel pertinent.. news,bio updates, new work etc.

please use them and also if you would contribute suggestions on how we can further disseminate information about our really wonderful org.

if you stumble across new apps you think might be helpful, if you would like to have your birthday remembered, Twitter, Facebook etc.


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