Good Afternoon GAGAS,

We are only missing 10 of our 64 members contact info on the spread sheet. Wahoo! Those artists will trickle in.

The spreadsheet I used was made by Google spreadsheet and then published and then linked to our site. The wonderful thing about the spreadsheet is that it will update automatically if changes are made to the original document– meaning if there is a typo, a new phone, a new member to add etc–the change on our website is automatic.

I contacted Google regarding publishing as I was concerned about our info. They reassured me the site is secure. They also said some members may have trouble on their computers accessing the info/spreadsheet depending on what system and search engine they are using— again if you have trouble please let me know.

If you do not remember the GAGA website password to open “member access” please email me and I will be happy to send along.

GAGA Exhibition Release Forms are also under member access. Please, try downloading and printing this info. Let me know if you have trouble.

For Join GAGA info…

go to contact button on the website header and click to be taken to that page. There is active text that says to join GAGA. Just click it. The click will take you to a pdf file that  has all the pertinent info needed to join. Please feel free to share that with anyone you know who may wish to join.

Thanks again for sending your contact info along so quickly. It was most appreciated.



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