More info on Honoring Women

Seasons greetings all—

There has been some confusion regarding the upcoming exhibitions.

I am not asking for new work from those of you who have your pieces available. I was only extending an offer to those who sold and new members who did not participate in the original exhibition to remake or contribute!

Also, there is a sticky wicket with Art Institute Austin. I just received their contract and it is unacceptable at the moment. I usually stay clear of a problematic locus and Ai Austin is one of those. They presented too many demands and not ones that were artist friendly. I was shocked believe you me as Art Institute San Antonio was so very good to us. To date I do not believe we will be participating- showing our beautiful show there.

As it stands we still have RoundRock Court House and a firm agreement from The Fort Worth Community— something I am very interested in for you. A brand new audience— a sophisticated audience and a beautiful space.

I will keep you all posted regarding the RoundRock exhibition which is scheduled for later in the spring.

In the meantime those of you newbies and those of you who sold who wish to create new work for HW  the good news is you have more time!

Happy Holidays!


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