As we approach the New Year

 Dear GAGAs

2016 was a fabulous year. We worked extremely hard and the fruits of our labors paid off!

• We produced a fabulous catalog/ artist book — Honoring Women— designed by Thelma Muraida

• We showed at the Guadalupe Cultural Center.

• We showed at the Carver Community Cultural Center

• Honoring Women was accepted for exhibition at the Fort Worth Community Center 2017

• Barb Felix continued to mount another fabulous exhibition at The Bijou.

• Susan Michael found a new exhibition space for GAGA

• Lupe Marmolejo continued to wow us with the website

• The Member contact sheet was uploaded

• The exhibition contract was uploaded for your convenience

• GAGA’s board was increased

• GAGA’s membership continues to grow

• Many members exhibited in prime venues: San Antonio Art League, Centro De Arte,  Luminaria etc.


But as you all are familiar, when GAGA has a huge year the following year suffers in terms of exhibition opportunities—we are so busy with existing commitments that there is no time to actively pursue exhibition opportunities for the upcoming year. This pattern is holding true.

I would also like to take this time to update you on the two planned HW exhibitions scheduled for this spring. Due to change in the political regime the Roundrock Courthouse is currently not exhibiting artwork. Because of this and other issues, AI Austin has also been canceled. The amount of work necessary to bring HW to fruition was both labor and cost intensive—not effective. However, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve and will keep you informed when I find another venue for HW as well as other potential all member or thematic shows I am now presently investigating.

There will be a GAGA meeting sometime end of January / first week February. (I am waiting  on confirmation from SSA.) In the meantime, I encourage you to take a look at Barb Felix and Chelle Delaney’s call for the Bijou exhibition. They do a fabulous job, and work sells because of it.




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