From Lisa Mara Bell

Dear GAGAs

I’m sending this for two reasons, but it regards the last post Sylvia made for me, concerning my animal portrait for the Dick Blick Competition — 

One, if you would like to vote,  it is a reminder that voting begins tomorrow, Monday 27 February ( you may vote every day until the polls close…last day to vote is Sunday, 5 March).  Only one vote per computer, per day.

Second to let you know how to vote if you are voting for Bear.

Some folks went ahead and checked out the site early…and so did I.  There are so many pet portraits, it was almost impossible to find Bear…

So, if you choose to vote, click on the address below and easy to follow these steps below:

One of my long time friends (since 1979) that lives in California… sent the following instructions to me… Anne Marie is amazing!  Thank you, Anne Marie!


Marie, Here are the instructions to find Bear, if you need them:


Log on to website on message

Scroll all the way down the page to “View Entries”

Click on “View Entries”

Click on “Search Entries” located just below “Submit Entries”

Type  in “Bear”  or faster if you type in  email address:

Press “Enter”

Scroll down to view Bear and Lisa Mara Bell

Click on “Vote”


Vote 27 Feb 1200:00 AM CST through 11:59:59 PM CST on 5 March 2017.  ONE VOTE PER COMPUTER PER DAY.  People can vote at work and at home or on their friends’ computers……..


However, Voting is limited to one vote per computer per day.

And last but not least, I have decided to start using a new email address.  I’m phasing out aol and going to .  The only thing changing is going from aol to gmail. So this is my new friends and family email address.

The is only for art.  There is so much that comes over the internet, I needed a way to keep all the art news separate… a filing system of sorts.


Thank you all for voting… Marie or Lisa or LisaMara

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