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The Gentileschi Aegis Gallery Association is a nonprofit organization and was incorporated in May, 2010. We received our 501(c)(3) status in January, 2011. Our mission is to help promote and serve the mature woman artist of South Texas through exhibition, promotion, and education opportunities.

The organizations’ namesake, Artemisia Gentileschi, has the honor of being the first recognized female artist in the predominantly all male, fine art canon, a canon that spans 400 years. Artemisia Gentileschi painted in the style of Caravaggio in the 1600’s and was honored for her brilliance and talent throughout many European royal houses. Aegis is the name given to the breastplate that belongs to the Greek goddess, Athena.  She is also recognized as the goddess of craft and wisdom. We thought these two very special namesakes would provide the organization with a protecting shield of its own.

GAGA  invites women who are interested in joining to attend one of our quarterly meetings held at Southwest School of Art.  Discussions on the vast challenges women artists are faced within today’s art profession are talked about regularly.  Operating as a think tank, GAGA addresses these current artist challenges with insightful strategies, guest speakers, exhibitions and curatorial portfolio reviews.

Presently we are an amoebic organization. We depend on outside institutions, professional offices, and galleries for the continuing support of our member’s work. Please contact us if you would like to host a GAGA exhibition in your office, gallery or workplace. Our artists’ work comprises a smattering of different styles and approaches to painting, mixed media and sculpture. We would welcome your inquiry.

And, also…  remember, GAGA is not a commercial gallery.  However, we do strive to promote our artists. If you are interested in learning more about one, please make a post and  your contact information will be forwarded  to her!



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